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Valued Partnerships

Client 6


Michael was a green card holder who wanted to apply for his citizenship.  Unfortunately, he had a conviction for Larceny which hindered his ability to become a citizen.  We filed a motion to vacate a plea in the Quincy District Court, got his case reopened and dismissed.  He later was able to apply for his citizenship and five months later, he was sworn in as a newly minted United States Citizen.

Client 4


Grigori fled his country of Georgia after being imprisoned and tortured.  He arrived in Canada and crossed the border to the U.S. where he was taken into custody by border officials and placed in deportation proceedings.  We filed for asylum in immigration court, documenting instances of torture.  After a full day hearing in immigration court, we were able to successfully win our case and the judge granted him asylum.  Grigory is now on his way to getting his green card.

Client 1


Haviz was a permenant resident who had recently filed for his citizenship.  In July of 2018 he was charged with a serious felony which not only jeopordized his citizenship application, but his ability to stay in the U.S. with his wife and child.

Client 7


Abdul was an immigrant from Somalia on asylum who was convicted in 1997 of a serious felony after his attorney failed to advise him of the immigration consequences.  This failure landed Abdul in removal proceedings in the Boston Immigration Court, where his status was changed.  He was always under the risk of being deported.  In 2019, we filed a motion to reopen the criminal case in the West Roxbury District Court and ultimately had the case dismissed.   We were finally able to have his immigration case reopened and he was able to obtain his green card.

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